Who takes my photos?

YOU take the photos! Our photo booth is self operated.

How do I take the photo?

Willis is touch screen operated. Just touch the screen and get ready for your photo!

Do you just leave the photo booth there?

Nope. We always have at least one attendant on site at all times.

How many photos can I take?

You can take as many photos as you can handle! The flash is pretty bright though, so maybe bring some shades.

How many people can fit in one photo?

So far the record is 16 people. So invite lots of people and see if you can beat it! Unfortunately the only prize is bragging rights…

Can I get prints?

Willis is all rigged up for onsite prints! You and your guests also have full printing rights and can download the images off of your online gallery.

Can you set up early?

We’d prefer to! It’s always much easier to get everything organized if we can set up at the same time as the rest of the event vendors, this way if things need to be moved a decision can be made right then and there!

Can you add logos or graphics to my images?

We absolutely can!